Bank of Japan Prints another 3.5 Trillion Yen, more than 26 Trillion printed in 3 days

While I am still wondering what the BoJ is trying to achieve by printing money, and wonder also what kind of liquidity issues the madmen at the board are seeing ($250 billion in 3 days?), I am getting worried.

Worried about that? Worried that Bernanke and Trichet, the two challengers for the gold medal of money printers, might find the challenge interesting, and also find a new source of inspiration in Governor Masaaki Shirakawa, who by the way, seem to be worshiping Gideon Gono, The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Governor.

One difference there is that Gideon has won: their fiat currency system has collapsed, probably because there were no sovereign bond market to restrain the printing at all.
March 16 (Bloomberg) -- The Bank of Japan added 3.5 trillion yen ($43 billion) to the financial system in a one-day operation today to help ease liquidity.

March 15 (Bloomberg) -- [...] The Bank of Japan added 8 trillion yen ($98 billion) into money markets today, adding to yesterday’s record cash injection [...]

March 14 (Bloomberg) -- The Bank of Japan poured a record 15 trillion yen ($183 billion) into the world’s third-biggest economy today [...]

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