Marc Faber on Obama, Bernanke and Governments in General [Updated]

Marc Faber was interviewed on Bloomberg TV on the 25th of Jan. As usual, he doesn't try to be politically correct, and tells very plainly what he thinks about Obama, Bernanke, and the corruption of any centralized government with lots of humor. Very refreshing.

This 11 min interview is a must watch and is available on YouTube.

[Update:] Another interview, on CNBC this time (embedded below, YouTube link) , during the forum in Russia, where Marc Faber gives his economic and markets outlook: an artificial recovery driven by ultra-expansionary monetary and fiscal stimulus that will lead to further issues down the road. This interview is making some buzz because of the statement Marc Faber gives twice in the course of a few minutes: "Bernanke is liar". 

Marc Faber also explains why rising food prices will lead to a lot of unrest in emerging economies and the poorest countries, and he is very concerned that this will happen in Pakistan. 

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