Harry S. Dent — 22nd of Feb update

The great Harry S. Dent has finally provided us with a long awaited update. Here are the main points he discusses:

  • We might have hit a major long term top in Gold and Silver
  • And also a probable major long term top in Oil
  • The stock market doesn't seem to be toping just yet. The expected top should be sometime between late June and late August. The current decline should be bottoming around 1250 to 1280 before getting a final rally to between 1380 to 1430 although the correction might last a number of weeks.
Thank you so much Harry!


Dave Narby said...

Why do you think he's 'The Great' Harry Dent?

IMO calling a long term top in precious metals here is premature.

John East said...

The letters p.a.r.t.t. come to mind, but not in that order.

pej said...

@Dave Narby
I'm thinking he's right, more or less. They might oscillate for a few days or weeks, but we are probably very near to top

@John East
what's p.a.r.t.t ?