Gary Shilling on TechTicker: "It’s Getting Frothy [...] You're getting a lot of the classic signs that things are being overdone"

Gary Shilling was interviewed today on TechTicker. One of the few deflationists out there, and author of The Age of Deleveraging is bullish on the US dollar and the 30 year treasury.

On the other side, John Tamny (first time I hear about him), interviewed alongside Gary Shilling, is the typical lemming: he's bullish on stocks (but not on the long term!) and gold. Bearish USD and Treasuries. These are the positions of 99% of the speculators on the planet.
"I've heard from people who know people at the Fed that they are actually considering QE 3".
What kind of statement is that? Is the guy interviewing from his seat at the kindergarten?

On the other hand:
"It's getting frothy," Shilling says. "You're getting a lot of the classic signs that things are being overdone." He thinks equities will give back some of their gains soon as stimulus fades from the economy and stocks closer align with what he believes are lackluster economic fundamentals, as detailed in his latest book The Age of Deleveraging.

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