Robert Prechter on CNBC

Robert Prechter was interviewed yesterday on CNBC (thanks to Mr. H. for forwarding it to me). While Prechter is mentioning all the extreme readings on many technical and sentiment indicators, what caught me is the two other hosts that Larry Kudlow had invited.

  • Bob Pisani is forecasting that profits are going to go through the roof and that $94 EPS on the S&P is very conservative.
  • Don Luskin is predicting an all time high in 2011 on the S&P 500 and on company profits.

They are both wondering why the markets didn't do better than this, and are seeing the current price action as extremely bullish.

Speaking about extreme bullishness, watch for yourself:

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Jeremiah said...

Don Luskin-S&P over 1565 heh??
At least he's on record now as saying it..
"A fool and his money are soon parted."