Market Sentiment: We're back in good old 2000s, with Facebook valued 100 times earnings.

Facebook financials avec been leaked by Goldman Sachs' client as reported by Reuters. So Facebook is making $500 million a year, and is already valued at about $50 billion. 100 times the earnings. Market sentiment has been reaching historical extremes in the past couple of months, and here's just another stone to the edifice. We're back to the top of the internet bubble of the 2000s, except that we're in 2011 now...
(Reuters) - Facebook earned $355 million in net income in the first nine months of 2010, according to documents distributed by Goldman Sachs, a fraction of the online social network's $50 billion valuation.
"They probably did at least $500 million in net income in 2010," Jacob said.

Goldman began hand-delivering copies of the 101-page private placement memorandum for a $1.5 billion Facebook offering to its wealthy customers a little after lunchtime in New York, according to a person who received a copy.

The Goldman customer said he received a separate six-page financial statement containing information on the social networking company.

The document provides some of the most detailed financial information yet about Facebook, which Goldman recently valued at $50 billion in a separate, $450 million funding.
The financial statements were not audited and offered little detail about how Facebook generates it revenue, said the source, who did not want to be identified because he had signed a non-disclosure agreement.
Investors are increasingly eager to buy shares of Facebook and other fast-growing Internet social networking companies on private exchanges.
In just within one month, all the stars have aligned and we now have the perfect set up for a major major top followed by a sharp decline which probably will be even more dramatic than what we experienced in 2008. See for yourself the previous "achievements" of Mr Market:
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