ElliottWave's Steve Hochberg interiewed on the Financial Sense NewsHour

ElliottWave International's Steve Hochberg was interviewed on the 29th of Jan 2011 on Jim Puplava's Financial Sense NewsHour.

He discusses extreme overbullishness in markets, and Elliott Wave Patterns (which I'm not a buyer, by the way). You can listen to the MP3 file directly from the FSN site.


Anonymous said...

Steve Hochberg has been consistently wrong calling for a severe downturn in the markets since June of 2010. Since then his followers have lost tremendous amounts of money. Don't take my word for it. Ask for his short term updates that he publishes 3 times a week from 6/2010 till present.

pej said...

Indeed, ElliottWave newsletters have been way too early in their calls for a top and a major decline, including Robert Prechter himself.

Let's see what's next for the markets and us...