Get ready for a super boom in stocks and Dow 38K

Here's just another proof of how extreme the bullishness is. When such ludicrous statements make headlines, I think we can be sure to have a very long standing top happening:

Here are a quote from TeckTicker. Please follow the link for the video interview as I can't embed it for some reason:
[...] get ready for what Hirsch describes as a "super boom" in stocks.
"The super boom's not really going to kick off until 2017 after we shake out all this financial crisis," he says. "He predicts the Dow will hit 38,820 in 2025, a 500% gain from the intraday lows of March 2009.
Hirsch is clever enough to make a very long term forecast and cover himself with his 2017 horizon. A lot of things is going to happen until then, but one thing is for sure: nobody will remember who Hirsch is by 2017...

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