Lawrence Summers to leave the administration and return to Harvard

I'm just back after some busy absence, and didn't had any time to check on the news or the markets for the past week or so. The bad news is that the markets have been misbehaving, but for once, it seems like some good news from the white house is brighting my day:
Bloomberg report:
The White House said Lawrence Summers, director of the National Economic Council, will leave the administration and return to Harvard University at the end of the year.

Summers, chief adviser to President Barack Obama on the development and implementation of economic policy, previously served as Treasury secretary during the Clinton administration.
As one of the most incompetent or corrupt politician of the George W. Bush and Barack Obama eras (Obama is just a worst Bush, the same way as FDR was a worst Hoover), we should welcome such a development.

It looks like Obama, as any fine demagog is preparing the elections by getting rid of the unpopular advisers, let's hope that Geithner is next on the departure list.

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