Arch Crawford interview on GoldSeek Radio on the 17th of July 2010

Arch Crawford was interviewed today by Chris Waltzek on GoldSeek Radio. You can listen directly in the player below, or use the link below to download it in mp3 format.

Arch goes through a bit of his background, the Bradley Model and past history, which is quite interesting: he backs his planetary forecasts by at least 28 technical indicators. As I'm not a believer of the planetary reading as a forecasting tool for the markets, it's a big relief for me :-)

Interestingly, nothing comes up on Google about the Bradley Model, so if you, dear reader, know something or have links to share, please post a comment.

Apart from that, the interview is not very relevant to those of us, me included, who are interested in markets and not astrology.

Here's the direct link to the segment of the show containing Arch's interview (mp3 file).


nostradumbass said...

The internet is littered with info about the Bradley model. Try again. Search siderograph. Search Rosecast too... they have some Bradley work you can access.

pej said...

Thanks nastradumbass. I'll dig those.