The Euro and the missed opportunities

Apologies to my fellow readers who are not interested in the Euro: many of my latest posts have been dealing with the Euro.

That said I wanted to share a missed opportunity that I just found about: I've been focusing so much on the CAD and the USD, that I forgot that AUD was in the exact some situation than the CAD, but maybe worse. And look at this chart, it's unbelievable:

The other point of interest today, is that even after such a rally, the short covering has not really started yet, as ZeroHedge puts it:
The CFTC's just released Commitment of Traders report indicates that Non-Commercial, speculative net positions in the Euro declined just marginally from -113,890 to -107,143 for the week ended May 18, Tuesday.
Here's the chart that they published along the commentary:

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