CAD ripe for shorting - pt2

My friend Jeff sent me the historical chart of the EUR/CAD over the week-end. Unfortunately, I was away until this evening, with no access to the Internet.

As you can see, the EUR was making multi-year lows against the CAD and is not very far from its historical lows. While I don't think the EUR will fall as low as 1.30, it would be a superb opportunity to go short the CAD long the EUR at those levels.


Central Bunk said...

also you have the word 'rape' in the title... I think you mean 'ripe'

It will be interesting to see if your thesis plays. I see reasons to take the other side of the trade but a time frame would have to be defined.

pej said...

Oops, that's quite a mistake. Thanks for pointing it out!

pej said...

Central Bunk, please see my latest post: