Warren Buffett Rocks

Those of you who have been following me for some time might have been chocked by reading the title of this post, and you would be right. Although I have deep respect for Warren Buffett as an investment legend and genius, I am annoyed by his inability to speak the truth when it comes to the supporting Obama, Bernanke, and the talking his book only when it comes to such matters.

So why does Warren Buffett rock? Well, simply because he actually does rock! Still not getting it, right? Well here's a quote from the Time Magazine report followed by the actual video clip on YouTube:
Who would have thought that under the hard business exterior of mega-investor Warren Buffett lies the soul of a wannabe rocker? A surreal video making its way around the Net shows Buffett doing his best imitation of Guns N' Roses rocker Axl Rose, complete with waist-length hair, a purple bandanna, a black leather jacket and Axl's signature red plaid kilt from the '80s — all as part of an eye-catching video for Geico, the auto-insurance company owned by Berkshire Hathaway. And Buffett sings too. O.K., he attempts to sing.
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The video, put together by Geico employees, shows workers breaking into song from their cubicles. The power ballad begins with a single employee singing "Jump online or call a rep / We'll guide you through it step-by-step / Twenty-four-seven we'll be there for you." Then a chorus of employees chime in, complete with guitars, drums and a cowbell. Someone dressed as the company's mascot gecko does his best Slash imitation on guitar.

Question: Is Geico in such a bad shape that Warren needs to do this kind of things? Or is he actually enjoying doing it. I'm thinking the latter.

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