Obama has out-Bushed Bush

Gerald Celente, founder of the Trend Research Institute was interviewed on KingWorldNews.com this week-end. Although Gerald Celente is a great mind, I do not very often agree with him because he tends to be wrong on the economic reasons and forecasts.
But I agree 100% with him when it comes to Obama:
Just look at the facts: Obama has out-Bushed Bush. On the Patriot Act, on Habeas Corpus, on rendition, on wire-tapping, and when you tell liberals this... and of course, you know how many more troops he sent to Afghanistan? 50,000 more troops and more to come...
He's launched more predator missile trikes on Pakistan... In his first year of office, he did more than George Bush did his last year of office... He's out-Bushed Bush every way. And he is one of the ones taking away our freedoms. And when you tell liberals this, the only thing they do is that they respond [...]. Saying "Oh, he's only doing the best he can", "Oh... give him time".

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