Comrade Obama will fix it all

A fine mixture of populism, fascism and communism are now the main lines of Obama's policies. Obama is now following Chavez, taxing and expropriating where/what/however he sees fit. He seems to also have become an adviser to the banks, like Chavez. Next step would be, according to what Chavez has been doing, to take over and close down the banks that do not meet Obama's requirements or guidelines.

On Obama's Bank super tax:
(Bloomberg 2010-01-15) Obama yesterday cautioned major banks that passing the cost to consumers would backfire.

“I’d suggest you might want to consider simply meeting your responsibilities and I’d urge you to cover the costs of the rescue not by sticking it to your shareholders or your customers or fellow citizens with the bill, but by rolling back bonuses for top earners and executives,” he said.
A couple of days ago:
(WSJ) Alarmed that there might not be the 60 votes in the Senate needed to extend Mr. Bernanke's term beyond its Jan. 31 expiration, the White House entered the fray publicly for the first time, with officials trying to win support among Democratic senators. President Barack Obama "has a great deal of confidence in what Chairman Bernanke did to bring our economy back from the brink," deputy White House press secretary Bill Burton told reporters aboard Air Force One. "And he continues to think that he's the best person for the job, and will be confirmed by the United States Senate."
It is time to read again this piece from Mish where he modified a Washington Post report:
If Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez President Obama deliberately intended to sabotage his nation's economy, he would be hard-pressed to do anything different from what he is now doing to his country.

It has been widely reported that Mr. Chavez President Obama has been increasingly taking control of the oil, telecommunications and energy housing, banking, auto, and insurance sectors, as well as the media. What has not been reported is the full extent of the corruption in Venezuela theUnited States and how this ultimately will destroy the economy.

The financial scandal taking place is far bigger than Enron, and may ultimately even exceed the U.N. "oil-for-food" scandal, the biggest financial disgrace of all time.

Since 2004, the Venezuelan Central Bank Fed has transferred about $22.5 billion untold $billions to accounts abroad by the Chavez government held by foreign governments, and about $12 billion all of that remains unaccounted for. It has also been reported that the gold reserves have been removed from the Central Bank.

While the rest of the world has been moving away from socialism for the last quarter-century for good reason,Venezuela the United States is becoming socialist. We know governmental use of central banks to basically print money to cover expenditures results in rising inflation and eventually monetary meltdown.

And, finally, we know that when a state becomes totally corrupt an economic collapse always follows. Mr. Chavez President Obama and his cronies had already been spending far more than they were taking in and you can bet the blood from the innocent Venezuelan people United States citizenswill be drained long before those on the take from Mr. Chavez President Obama agree to have their looting stopped.

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