Senator DeMint questions Bernanke During Renomination

Another Senator, Mr DeMint, seems to have understood that the problem was the Fed and its incompetent, arrogant and dangerous Chairman, Ben Bernanke.

S. DeMint confronts Bernanke with the goals he set for the Fed a couple of years ago, when he got nominated, and also give the details about the failures of the Fed, and also taking some of the blame, as part of the government. It also seems that he has watched the YouTube video with all the wrong forecasts Bernanke made since he's become the Chairman and read all the quotes to his face!

The video is available on YouTube and is very much worth watching:

As a side-note, the full hearing is available on C-Span, and lasts many hours. I have just finished watching the first 2 hour session.

If you are interested in hearing Bernanke's defense, the various positions of senators, and history in the making, follow this link.

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