Robert Prechter at his very best

Gold Seek Radio hosted Robert Prechter about a couple of weeks ago, which in my opinion is the single best interview and speech I have heard from him.

He explains why the markets are going to fall, including commodities, silver and gold, why we are currently in a deflation that probably cannot be reversed after the biggest credit bubble in the history of mankind, that the dollar is going to rally for about 1 to 2 years while the equity and commodity markets collapse. He also mentioned that hyperinflation might happen, but only in many years.

I was so amazed by this interview that I've listened to it 3 times already and will probably listen to it a 4th time.

You can listen to the interview in mp3. Make sure you scroll down to 1:00:00 because Bob only appears at the very beginning of the second hour for about 30min.

Finally, the updated version of his magnum opus, Conquer the Crash, including material up to 2009 is finally available and shipping. You can order your copy from Amazon:

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