US GDP growth or how to pull out a rabbit from the hat

As I said just a few days ago regarding the probable US GDP growth in Q3 2009:
[...] it just means that the US administration managed to pull out a rabbit from the hat and that wouldn't surprise me but I wouldn't believe a second the numbers neither.

[Update: apparently, the consensus is 3.0% of annualized GDP growth of Q3. What sound like ridiculously irrealistic might actually happen in Obama's and Bernanke's Crookery Wonderland.]
Of course, this was nothing but a relief rally, that would have happened whatever the GDP figures were and was kind of expected after 4 days of pretty decent correction. The news was so good that the USD collapsed that day as well after 3 days of pretty good raise:

Also, I won't spend time analysing the report, since there are trusted sources who have done a very good job at that already:

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