Bill Gross had been a megaloniac ever since his thirties

I've discovered in his latest "Investment Outlook" newletter, that Bill Gross had been a megaloniac ever since his thirties:
In my thirties, I recall standing in front of a mirror in my physical prime and instructing my image that I would never grow old, that I somehow would live forever, that I, the me, the ego, would be eternal. Now when I face the glass my eyes avoid the unmistakable conclusion: I am everyman – everyone that ever was and ever will be.
But nevertheless, he is very clever and manages to draw some fairly acceptable conclusions :
  • [...] in a New Normal economy almost all assets appear to be overvalued on a long-term basis.
  • Rage, rage, against this conclusion if you wish, but the six-month rally in risk assets – while still continuously supported by Fed and Treasury policymakers – is likely at its pinnacle. Out, out, brief candle.

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