Building literally collapses in Dubai

Just a couple of hours after I published the previous post on Dubai, reports about the actual collapse of a building in Dubai emerge. There are currently not a lot of information flying around, but it seems like a building still under construction collapsed today:
16 August 2009 An eight storey building under construction in Deira, Dubai has collapsed destroying more than ten cars, a police officer said.

Half of the building collapsed while the rest remained standing, the official said. At the time of the accident no work seemed to be taking place on the building which had appeared ready for residents to move in.

DUBAI, Aug 16 (Reuters) - A building under construction collapsed in Dubai on Sunday, but there were no reports of injuries, police sources said.

"A building on al-Ittihad road collapsed, police are investigating, but so far there are no injuries," a source said.
While this piece of news is not very important, I just mentioned it for the many many visitors who are arriving on my blog search fall "Dubai collapse". Obviously, the other posts deal with "economic/building collapse", not the actual, physical collapse of the building.

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