Pedge Fund Performance 200904

Just a quick post to relate the performance of PedgeFund for the month of April 2009. March 2009 returns are available here.

Pedge Fund USD
April performance: +0.30% (gross, approx)

Nothing really stands out as it's pretty flatish. As during the previous month, the big rebound in equities has been missed in this portfolio which I am not particularly proud of, but I wasn't short neither, so no loss incurred.
  • Some gains on long equity positions
  • Some losses on gold and silver
  • Some gains on short Long-Bond
  • Some losses on short GBP/long EUR
HFR Macro Index return in April 2009 was: -0.44%
S&P 500 return in April 2009 was: +9.39%

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