At last, China announces it's been buying Gold

It seems like China may awaken to the realization that its holding of US dollar paper and debt might be completely wiped out and would finally buy gold and — who knows — starts selling the useless Treasuries back to Ben Bernanke? Of course, I consider this news very bullish for Gold and Silver but also extremely bearish for the USD and the Treasuries.
April 24 (Bloomberg) -- China boosted its gold reserves by 76 percent since 2003 and has the world’s fifth-biggest holding by country, said Hu Xiaolian, head of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange.

The nation increased its reserves by 454 tons to 1,054 tons through domestic purchases and refining scrap metal, Hu said in an interview with the Xinhua News Agency today. The amount is more than Switzerland’s 1,040 tons, World Gold Council data show, and is worth $31 billion at current prices.

China has the world’s largest foreign exchange reserves at $1.95 trillion as of March 31, according to state administration data. The holdings have climbed about sixfold in the past six years as the country had record trade surpluses and inflows of foreign investment. Gold prices have almost tripled to more than $900 an ounce from $337.

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao has expressed concern the dollar will weaken, eroding the value of China’s holdings of Treasuries, as the U.S. borrows unprecedented amounts to spend its way out of recession. China is the biggest overseas owner of U.S. government debt, holding notes totaling $744 billion at the end of February, according to U.S. data.
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