GBP arbitrage opportunities gone, replaced by very high inflation

I made a post about how it was possible to do arbitrage in late December by buying products in the UK instead of the Eurozone since the retailers had not updated their prices to reflect the collapse of the pound:
GBP arbitrage opportunities

Apple has updated their desktop computers range, and here are the price changes:
  • MacMini jumped from £391 to £499 (+27.6%)
  • iMac jumped from £782 to £949 (+21.3%)
  • MacPro jumped from £1712 to £1899 (+10.92%)
Many items on Amazon.co.uk have also had a major price increase.

Well, these arbitrage opportunities are almost all gone now, meaning that prices have jumped by about 20% in the UK for many products in just a matter of 2 months. You can thank Mervyn King, Alistair Darling and Gordon Brown. This also confirms my theory that you will have rising prices in this environment and that whoever thinks that we are a deflationary environment and that prices are going to collapse might be more wrong than right...

Look at the screenshots here and compare them to those from the original post. I can tell you one thing: I see similar trends when I go do my grocery shopping in the supermarkets!

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