Civil Unrest in the UK this summer?

I have already mentioned many times that I expect civil unrest and revolutions to happen during the next few years in many countries. Last time was last week and in the US and various other countries.

It seems more and more likely that it is going to happen in the UK quite soon. Here's a quote from the previous post:
And here's some more news for the UK, in the Gardian(read the full report for more details):
Britain faces summer of rage - police
Middle-class anger at economic crisis could erupt into violence on streets
Police are preparing for a "summer of rage" as victims of the economic downturn take to the streets to demonstrate against financial institutions, the Guardian has learned.

Britain's most senior police officer with responsibility for public order raised the spectre of a return of the riots of the 1980s, with people who have lost their jobs, homes or savings becoming "footsoldiers" in a wave of potentially violent mass protests.

The Express also has a report on "banks riots" (found on MacroMan's blog):
TOP secret contingency plans have been drawn up to counter the threat posed by a “summer of discontent” in Britain.

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