Protests against foreign workers spread in UK

The Economy in the UK is in extremely bad shape, and will keep on getting worse and worse even though Moorad Choudry thinks that Rolls Royce will save the whole British economy thanks to its exports. I have wrote about this many many times and some people like Jeremy Grantham and Jim Rogers think the same. So hopefully, I am not the only idiot who believes the UK is finished.

I have also been mentioning for quite some time that we will start to see lots of protests - many of them will be violent - and maybe revolutions in the next few years if not wars. So far, we have seen protests in Spain, Italy, Greece, Iceland, violence in Madagascar, and now the UK.

The interesting thing in the UK, is that the protests are against foreign workers. Whoever lives in London knows that the foreigners handle most of the lowest end jobs (bus drivers, 24/7 cashiers in Tesco, Sainsbury's, janitors, etc.) and that most of high-end jobs in finance are handled by the Americans, French, etc. But now, nationalism is spreading, and it's not the first time I heard that recruiters should give priority to British citizens and avoid hiring foreigners when they do not have a good reason to do so...

Things look really bad... And now protests on top of all that:
LONDON – Thousands of energy workers across Britain walked off the job Friday, joining a growing campaign of protests against foreign citizens being hired for an oil industry construction project in England.
Seven hundred employees held a wildcat strike at the Grangemouth refinery in Scotland, provoked by the decision of Italian construction company IREM SpA to use Italian and Portuguese workers for a 200 million-pound ($280 million) project at Total's Lindsey refinery in northeastern England.
Expect to see a lot more of these, and not just in the UK, but everywhere in Europe, and probably in the US as well.

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