Pedge Fund Performance 200812

Just a quick post to relate the performance of PedgeFund for the month of December 2008. November is available here.

Pedge Fund USD
December performance: +2.2% (gross, approx)
Year to Date performance: +53% (gross, approx)

  • Gains thanks to the precious metals (long gold and silver)
  • Nice gains on Northgate Minerals, bought at $0.56 on the 5th of December, and worth $0.83 on the close of 31st (gain of 48% within a month) though it's a tiny holding in the portfolio.
  • BIG losses on long oil (commodity and stocks)
  • BIG losses on short treasuries, again
  • Losses on treasuries partly compensated by the short USD long EUR position
I am quite happy with the performance of the portfolio this year, even though one must not forget the role of luck in any portfolio.

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