Inflation or Deflation? - 4

It's funny how on the same week-end I published a post about Inflation vs Deflation, a couple of minds I highly respect publish also their own opinions about it:
These are both interesting reads. It helps get opposing points of view, even though I haven't made my mind yet, I tend to think that at least in the UK, inflation is going to be really high, as I wrote in Inflation or Deflation? - 3.

Mish also published Peter Schiff was Wrong which balances all the bullish stuff we hear about Peter Schiff. I must admit that I am a "fan" of both Peter Schiff and Mish. I have read both Peter's books and read what both of them write. I am not particularly following their advices, but trying to use my own judgment while still getting inputs from Schiff, Mish, Jim Rogers, Marc Faber, and so on. I already mentioned and told Peter Schiff that even though he was probably right on big picture, his extreme views tend to discredit him and that the one big mistake he committed in 2008 was to not hedge his clients portfolios with Puts. Again, apart from that, I mainly share his points of view and ideas, but to a less extreme extend (except that I am very bearish about the UK, bearish Australia's and New Zealand's currencies, and also the CHF).

Mish is really hard on Peter Schiff, but I guess it again helps balance our opinions and help himself advertise the Sitka Pacific funds for which he's the advisor. All in all, it's worth reading, with a grain of salt: if portfolio performance was the only benchmark as Mish tends to imply, my portfolio having performed far better than Sitka, would it mean that I am doing a better job than Mish? Obviously not. So... grain of salt it is...

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