The conmen take over the US - part2

I had already mentioned that the conmen had taken over the US. It has probably been the case since the creation of the Fed and it became more obvious with the repudiation of the gold link with the dollar (which was nothing but a default of the US government on their debt), but now, it seems like they don't even try to hide the scam anymore:

The Treasury announced yesterday that they will bail-out any company they want, without any transparency and at their total discretion, taking money from all the US citizens as well as anybody who own US dollars, to give them to any person they see fit. This is a completely totalitarian move, and doesn't involve any democratic process. Given that Paulson is leaving the office in less than a month, he could have left this to his successor joining Obama's team from the Fed, Geithner. But he seems to be in a hurry to fix everything before leaving office...

Here's a quote from the AFP report (emphasis mine)

WASHINGTON (AFP) — The US Treasury Department has given itself free rein in deciding the rescues of companies in the finance and auto sectors, according to two Treasury statements published this week.

The Treasury on Friday released guidelines for its Targeted Investment Program (TIP), part of emergency legislation enacted in early October to ease a credit crunch from the worst global financial meltdown since the Great Depression.

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