Jastram's Classic: The Golden Constant [2009 edition]

Roy Jastram's Classic, the Golden Constant, has been out of print for many years now and I have been unable to find it for less than about $500 on Amazon's MarketPlace before it totally disappeared... and reappeared. The Golden Constant is a very important work on the price stabilizer role of gold throughout modern times (from 1560 to 1976 when the book was published) aas a store of value and as a way to keep prices stable.

It is now being republished — this is great news — and even better, the data has been updated by Jill Leyland.

I can't wait to receive my copy!

Amazon.com already lists it, while still nothing the Amazon.co.uk site. [update: it's available on Amazon.co.uk as well now.]

E-Elgar upcoming titles:
The Golden Constant
The late Roy W. Jastram, formerly of University of California, Berkeley, US with updated material by Jill Leyland
With the gold price reaching new records in 2008, this new edition of Roy Jastram’s seminal work, considered by some to be the finest empirical study of the gold price, is timely. Published in 1977, the author’s painstaking work on historical statistics enabled fluctuations since 1560 in the value of gold and its purchasing power to be studied. It established, for the first time, how gold’s purchasing power had been maintained over the centuries. This edition reprints Jastram’s entire original text but adds two more chapters to bring the book up to date shedding new light on gold’s relevance today.

April 2009 c 256 pp Hardback 978 1 84720 261 1 c £59.95

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