The best performing hedge fund this year?

So basically, for the past several years, Porsche has been making hundreds of millions, if not billions in profits thanks to its derivatives on Volkswagen.

The conclusion is that Porsche might be making more profits by trading and take prop-positions on the markets than by building and selling cars. That would make Porsche one of the top performing hedge funds this year! Plus, because they have a foot in the industry, they have access to industry information that banks and other hedge funds lack.

Plus, according to the quote below, Porsche is also behaving as a broker/dealer/market maker for VW shares.

I think it's fun, but the hedge-funds and banks which are loosing billions if not their shirts on this might not enjoy the joke as much as I do.

BBC News writes:
It meant that because Porsche had not declared the proportion of VW shares it controlled, traders may have been indirectly and inadvertently borrowing shares from Porsche, selling them to Porsche, buying them back from Porsche and then returning them to Porsche.

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