Who is the enemy? [updated2]

Have you ever tried to sit on a bench in the street or in a train station and watch the people walking/running around? Why are we running? What are we after?

Ask yourself some questions:
  • Who is lying about the inflation, growth, unemployment, money growth rate?
  • Who is stealing from your savings night and day, slowly but surely, and making sure that your savings won't have any value in 10 years or so, and hence is forcing you to run for the rest of your life, chasing the unreachable peace of mind and rest that you deserve?
  • Why do have to get into dept for 20-30 years in order to be able to afford a home and to become the slave of your bank? And who is making sure that for anything you want to do in life you have to get into more dept and work harder and harder to expect a decent way of life?
  • Who is taking your side, defending the citizens of this country, defending your currency? Is this the President of the USA? Is this the Chairman of the Fed? Is this the Secretary of Treasury? Is this the Chairman of the FDIC? (if you are not in the US, replace by your country's bodies).
  • Why do you have to put your savings at risk in order to try to just protect your purchasing power? Why do you have to invest in Treasuries with a negative rate of return? Would you invest in stocks and put your savings at risk if the inflation rate was 0.0% and you were sure to keep your purchasing power on the long run?
  • Who is stealing from the People to give to the Establishment?
  • Who is bailing you out when you have trouble? Paulson? Bernanke? Bush?
  • Who is changing the rules overnight, making sure that you can't win? Who is cooking the books? Who is letting the rumors go without punishing the originator? Are the SEC and the FDIC protecting the people's interests or the government's?
  • Who stole all the gold of your country and transformed your paper receipts for gold into a fiat currency with no value?
  • Who made a you a slave of the system?
  • Who are you trying to fight? Who are you trying to hide from? Who are you trying to protect yourself from?
  • Why do you fear your government? What happened to "the government of the people, by the people, and for the people"?
Basically, by distorting the value of money, the government and its bodies (I include the Fed and Central Banks in the Government Bodies, even though it's wrong) are distorting your vision of the world and by continuously debasing the currency and forcing you into dept, they have made you a slave of the system. That same system has failed and is now bankrupt, but they are now trying to rebuild it by stealing from your savings and those of your children in the future. Will you allow that? Why?

Listen to their own words.

Remember, the only think that can free you from their debt based currency and the slavery that it creates is a sound money backed by Gold. Also remember: the government has always been your enemy, but with the gold standard it had its hands tied, but the Fed and the fiat currency system set your worst enemy free. No government has been able to escape from corruption and lies. The only way to break free is to restrains the functions of the government to those implied by the Constitution.

Please, spread the message as much as you can and make sure that this is the last few months of the Fed and of fiat currencies.

Jay Lenno:"Let's see: a failed president and a failed congress will put $700 billion into failed companies. What could possibly go wrong there?"


Jim Willie, CB. Editor, Hat Trick Letter on the September 24, 2008:

The United States has transformed itself, the most radical degraded aspects having occurred in the last eight years. Many might object or cringe at repeated mention of the Fascist Business Model implemented by the Clinton Administration, and carried to extreme by the Bush II Administration. It is a harsh departure from Beacon of Freedom. Too bad, fact of life! This merger of state and big business in the midst of a climax, the biggest display of exported financial toxin in modern history, and the disintegration of the financial structure for the nation owning the world reserve currency. The Fascist Business Model has criminal fraud & corruption as its chief characteristic, alienation & resentment as its chief foreign effect, and systemic failure & collapse as its chief outcome. Broad war often follows. How anybody could think the sharing of bank and oil executives with federal government leadership as a move toward progress on the evolution chart, that is moronic. Surely, it is about political power and corruption. The military budget is sacred, and private contractor deals are made without bids. Now five to six energy giants will hog all Iraqi oil service contracts. The terrorism topic is untouchable for dispute. A Coup d’Etat is in progress as the Wall Street conmen and fraud kings have taken implicit control of the USGovt. This will be recognized in time, even while resistance is evident. To me the ongoing drama smacks of a comedy of corruption. US citizens are in shock & awe, while foreigners are aghast in disgust.

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