Dow Jones Indus and S&P 500 in $, € and Gold [Update]

S&P 500 (click on image for better view)

Dow Jones Industrial Average (click on image for better view)

These are the charts of the DJ INDU and the SP500 as of the intraday high (not the closing price) of the 2nd of September 2008 (from the bottom of the 15fh of July 2008 (closing prices)) in terms of percentage change (as an update of the graphs I published two weeks ago here)

Check how the major US indices perform in terms of USD, EUR and XAU and also check how the DJ and the S&P500 outperform the CAC 40 (equivalent of DJ INDU but for France, in €).

Below is the USD in EUR. Notice the trend, and the huge rally.

Isn't there a problem here? The DJ is outperforming the CAC40 by 10% in 8 weeks, is rallying 16% in Euro terms, and the USD is taking 12% against the EUR and, during the same period, the US saw the biggest bankrupcy in history, most of the banks in the US are now insolvent, the US government raised its debt by many hundreds of billions of USD, unemployment hit record level, consumer spending and housing are in the abyss, and yet, both the USD and the markets rally?

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