Why this is the worst financial crisis since the 1900

I tightly monitor the "non borrowed reserves" data from the Fed just to have an idea of the current state of the banking system in the US, and I have already pointed to this graph before:

As you can see from this graph, the banking system is basically bankrupt since it had to borrow 160 billion USD as part of its reserves requirements.

But, now, if you take a look at this other graph:

You can see that the data start from approximately 1920, so contrary to the previous one, this one does contain the data of the 1929 krach. And, amazingly, as you can see, the 1929 didn't impact at all this borrowing figure, while the current crisis leads to vertical jump of about 160 billion USD. And even worse, the data has not been updated yet and is as of 1st of June 2008....

I can't wait to see the data for the 1st of July. It's as scary as the Magic Mountain's X...

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