GDP, Gold, Silver, Consiparicy Theories as per Mish.

Mish has posted as usual, interesting and insightful points of view in his blog.
All these articles are very interesting and insightful. Personally, I don't draw a straight conclusion about whether there is a conspiracy or not and I buy the physical and take delivery of it so that I cannot sell them on the short term and am planning on keeping them for next several decades. The lower the price of gold/silver/platinum/palladium/rhodium, the better the buying opportunity is for me.

I am also interested in opposing points of views and enjoy reading Mish.

BUT I find it a little confusing that he spends so much time debunking conspiracy theories, to then post an article saying the GDP figures cannot be trusted and that the US government is manipulating the data.

My opinion is:
  • Governments are manipulating (and have been for the past many years) the inflation figures by a huge extent (and hence manipulating GDP as well) and also employment figures. Of course, the most manipulated figures and lies come from the US government and the duo G. W. Bush/Hank Paulson
  • Corporations, specially financial companies, are manipulating their income and balance sheets
  • The Central Banks manipulating the rates and the value of the currency and hence stealing from the savers and destructing the currencies in order to save banks and a financial system that brought all these issues.
  • The BoE is printing like crazy as well, and in secrecy...
  • It is suspicious that Oil, Gold, Silver crash the very month when the Fed needs to see lower inflation in order to be able to lower rates...
Wait and See.

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