Bear Market Rallies in 2000-2003

I was wondering if it was normal so see so many stupid rallies during the current market correction (krach yet to come?), so I dug just a few minutes on Yahoo Finance to see what happened during the krach of the Internet Bubble.

It is quite clear from these graphs that the long term trend was broken many times by rallies that drove the market up as high as 20% (or more on the Nasdaq Composite). So it looks like bottom fishing is a dangerous sport, specially when the market is only down about 15-20% for the all times high, and that many people are considering that this is biggest and most dangerous recession since the Great Depression.

Speaking of the great depression, I also dug a little bit that Krach, and one year after the Black Monday, the markets where down only by about 20-30%, while the correction unraveled, it took about 3 more years to hit the bottom which was 75-80% lower that the heights of 1929...

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