US Senator objects to Olympic spying... but should he?

"US SENATOR Sam Brownback, a Republican from Kansas, has objected to recent Chinese government moves to spy on visitors during the Olympic games.

China has ordered hotels in Beijing and Shanghai to install Internet monitoring equipment and software, according to a news release issued by the senator's office. It claims several hotel chains have confirmed the Chinese government's order and provided documentation."

"But then, the US National Security Agency has been illegally monitoring all US Internet traffic and phone conversations since shortly after President Bush took office in 2001 – not beginning after the events of September 2001 as is widely thought – with the willing collusion of most of the major US telecom companies.

Moreover, at the behest of the current US administration and Republican legislators, the US Congress recently passed an amendment to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act that granted the US telecom giants retroactive immunity from civil liability for their illegal wiretapping, which also, coincidentally enough, shields current US administration officials from the possibility that there might be any investigation or potentially, criminal charges."

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