Christopher J. Dodd

Karl Denninger spots out an interesting information from OpenSecrets.org on his Market Ticker about Christopher J Dodd. Let me remind you that this Dodd guy is the same Congressman that has been pushing and pushing to give more power to the Fed, and who also refuses to spend any time looking for any other alternative solution, as per his conversation with Ron Paul.

It appears that the guy has the following top donators according to the official disclosure figures:

Citigroup Inc$310,294
SAC Capital Partners$286,600
United Technologies$263,400
American International Group$224,678
St Paul Travelers Companies$205,400
Bear Stearns$205,100
Goldman Sachs$175,600
Royal Bank of Scotland$174,050
Morgan Stanley$155,000
Credit Suisse Group$154,550
Merrill Lynch$139,550
JPMorgan Chase & Co$130,850
Lehman Brothers$124,200
KPMG LLP$113,100
National Westminster Bank$111,900
General Electric$108,250
Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu$108,000
Hartford Financial Services$101,500
The Hartford$94,350
Bank of America$91,300

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