What has the Governement done to our Money?

In his book What has the Governement done to our Money? (first edition in 1963), Murray N. Rothbard writes:
Fractional reserve banks, therefore, are inherently inflationary institutions. (page 56)
-> I am not necesseraly agreeing with this. I would say that the excess brought by the fractional reserve banks make them inflationary. It would be more like a consequence of greed and excess.
And, in a truley free society, those who know the truth about the real insolvency of the banking system will be able to form the AntiBank Leagues to urge clients to get their money out before it is too late. In short, leagues to urge bank runs, or the threat of their formation, will be able to stop and reverse the monetary expansion.
-> I think this is the conclusion of many of those who understand what is going on already... Unfortunately, there isn't much you can do with your money, since the currencies are falling in real terms, the stock markets and real estate markets are already in bubble. Remains gold as the only choice left. But that's the King of the Currencies we are talking about, so that's the best choice anyway.

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